How I’m Tracking the Game

As LOTR:LCG has matured, quests have gotten quite a bit more fiddly. In the old days of Passage through Mirkwood, you needed a penny to see if you took the more difficult or easy 2B quest stage. Now we’ve got Archery, Time counters, side quests, ships…it can get a little hairy. So, like many players, I’ve developed a system of tracking effects over time, and everything I need is in one handy-dandy Plano box. Behold!


This box holds everything I need for tracking the game. Included are the following:

  • Penny gems to track wounds, resources, and progress
  • Six-sided dice to track any “X” number in the game, time counters, and the like
  • A pair of red ten-sided dice to track total threat in the staging area
  • A pair of white tend-sided dice to track total willpower from the players
  • Red and blue wooden discs, stolen from the game Campaign Manager: red tracks forced effects on bad guys, blue serve as reminders on player cards
  • Two threat trackers and a first player token

This has all developed over time, but it works quite nicely now. When my wife and I play the game, I just plunk this down in between us and we can start the quest.


Let me know how you are sprucing up your game, readers. Until next time, mára mesta: good journeys!

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