Deck Terminology

I played Hearthstone avidly for about one year. In that time, I learned the terminology, originally pulled from Magic: the Gathering, to describe certain types of decks.

Over on Reddit, a thread was started about deck types, and in response to the original poster, WingfootRanger wrote a short essay that adapted these M:tG deck terms to our beloved card game. However, the terms don’t really seem to translate properly in all cases. Decktypes like “handlock” don’t even exist in LOTR:LCG, which begs the question: should we be borrowing from another game’s slang to describe our own? Or should we be using our own sort of shorthand to describe LOTR decks?

What do you think? Are there universal terms that are applicable to all CCGs/LCGs? Or do the wise among us need to put their heads together and create some terminology for LOTR:LCG, and use it in such a way that it will stick?

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