A Brief Foray into Other Games

Though the purpose of this blog is to focus on our beloved game, it’s not the only game that occupies my leisure hours. I thought I’d highlight a few of my other gaming pursuits when I’m resting my LOTR:LCG cards. (You can check out my whole board game collection here.)

With a whole day ahead of me and some equally nerdy board game friends gathered aroundI’ll play Here I Stand, a deep, crunchy card-driven game of politics and religion for six players. Yeah, you’re right–I’ve out-nerded the nerds with this one. The attention to detail in this game is incredible, and the theme is something I’m intensely interested in: the Protestant Reformation.

With a few hours to space and just one nerdy board game friend around, I’ll usually default to one of three war games from GMT. The first is the flawless Twilight Struggle, still rated as one of the best board games of all time years after its release. The second is my favorite iteration of the Commands and Colors series, Napoleonics. The third is the somewhat more abstract Manoeuvre.

With a few hours to spare and my family gathered around, I default to more Euro style games because they avoid direct conflict. Lords of Waterdeep, Power Grid, and 7 Wonders are my top choices.

In short, I’m a card-driven wargamer at heart, one who loves direct competition in games. This runs counter to the personality streak, common in my neck of the woods, to avoid confrontation. However, if I’m not in the mood for direct competition, I’d rather play a co-op game like LOTR:LCG than a game of indirect competition, such as a classic Euro.

Next week I’ll return to the usual fare, but expect sometime in the future a look at my Steam library too. Until next time, dear readers: mára mesta: good journeys!

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