The Red Book: Fellowship 2015

After an excellent experience with Fog on the Barrow Downs last year, I was very excited to join with my gaming crew for a resounding Fellowship 2015, and it did not disappoint! According to co-developer Matt Newman, about 100 players showed up at the Fantasy Flight Game Center for the event. Here’s a panorama I took about two hours in:


All in all, I think the event was better attended than last year, which is a good sign for the health of the game! I ended up playing two-player the whole afternoon with my good friend RS, who I have not seen in a while. He played my Lady, Master, Captain deck, and I piloted a slapped-together deck that worked surprisingly well: Celeborn, Haldir, and Rossiel with a full contingent of Silvan allies and victory display cards such as None Return and The Door is Closed. We lost both times to Murder at the Prancing Pony, but quickly rebounded by beating Intruders in Chetwood and The Weather Hills.

As much fun as the games were, though, I truly enjoyed the camaraderie of the afternoon. I’ve gotten to meet so many amazing people through this game, and it was great to have most of us in one room, playing together. There were a lot of folks brand new to the game as well, and with LOTR:LCG now quite mature in terms of its development, it’s awesome that new people are still entering the game. I was even fortunate enough to sit next to a couple who were playing and discovered “Sneak Attack + Gandalf” for the first time.

Once I’ve had a chance to digest the quest a bit more, I’m sure I’ll post on it, but for now…it’s very encouraging to see that LOTR:LCG is in such good hands and has such an amazing community gathered around it.


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