New Deckbuilders Available!

Wow, what a big couple of weeks for deckbuilding in the Lord of the Rings: the Living Card Game! First, Seastan released his Love of Tales deckbuilder, which is based upon the Rivendell Councilroom (now no longer updated). A few things I really like about Love of Tales is the ability to save decks in the cloud, the card suggestion feature by which the builder actually gives you a pretty good list of cards you might put in the deck, and the ability to immediately export to OCTGN.

Right on the heels of that, Sydtrack released RingsDB, which is based upon the ThronesDB and NetRunnerDB sites. I haven’t gotten a chance to play around with this one yet, but it looks very similar to Seastan.

With these two big releases, I think I can officially say that I will not be returning to CardGameDB anytime soon. More easily accessible tools for deckbuilding–thanks Seastan and Sydtrack!

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